Master #foodporn shots with food photographer Jeff Chouw

You only need some quick tips to make your food photos look more tantalising on Instagram

We're just warming up for the annual Stuff Smartphone Photography Awards 2016 and there's a lot of ground to cover.

For one, did you know that smartphone photography has seen a meteoric rise in numbers, with nearly 75% of all photos taken by the ubiquitous mobile device? That's nearly double from last year's numbers, and we're still seeing an exponential growth.

Instagram's massive growth, numbering more than 300 million active users now, is a strong contributor to this rise in smartphone photography. But it's also the paradigm shift in user behaviour that started the upward trend, with an increased number of selfie and food photos taken and shared on social networks.

The whole point of sharing photos on social networks is to gain instant gratification and validation from your fellow smartphone photographers. Of course, tips to take better photos are welcomed, a topic which we've amply covered in our tips and tricks segment of the Stuff Smartphone Photography Awards 2016.

The better the photo, the more likes and instant ego boost you'll get. Food photography, in particular, will get the most effect out of your friends. So if you're zooming in on just taking better food photos, we've got the full details on that, together with Channelnews Asia and food photographer Jeff Chouw who shared some quick food photography tips on Tech-Know.