How to take smarter landscape photos with your smartphone

Using some simple rules and a little imagination we show you how to take better photos of landscapes and nature armed only with your smartphone.

Stunning sunsets, cascading waterfalls, mountain top vistas, misty tropical forests, golden sandy beaches and azure seas. OK look passed the cliched travel writing descriptions and the reality is that all these stunning landscapes and more are available just a short drive, flight or boat ride away from us here in Singapore.

Time was, any landscape photographer worth his or her salt would be required to lug a mountain of kit from bulky lenses to weighty tripods as they clambered over hills and through streams just to get the perfect shot. These days though a smartphone camera can give you almost as much flexibility without the need to undertake any heavy lifting on your next expedition. 

Of course if you visit these stunning settings then you want to make sure you capture their full majesty. But that's not always easy, even with the power of today's smartphone cameras. After all it can be intimidating when faced with a wide open plain to find a focus, or tricky to come up with a unique perspective on a natural wonder that's already been photographed a million times. 

So to help you tackle the vagaries of photographing the great outdoors we created this short video to offer you some easy pointers on how to come up with fresh, dramatic and striking images that do justice to the world around you. 

And when you get back from that next expeditition make sure you share what you've learnt with us. Head over to the Stuff Smartphone Photography Awards, submit your best photos and stand a chance to win great prizes like a new Oppo R9 smartphone, a two tickets to anywhere that Scoot flies too and a power bank from GP Batteries.