How to Take Better Food Photos

Check out our quick video packed with top tips for taking better food snaps.

When it comes to taking photos, chances are a large chunk of many of our snaps will be focused on that national obsession - Food. 

A good food photo can get our tummy's rumbling and our taste buds drooling, which is probably why we're so crazy about capturing what we're about to eat and sharing it with the rest of the world!

But the reality is #FoodPorn is not as easy as it looks. Even if the dish in front of looks to die for trying to capture its pure umaminess ends up looking bland, boring or worse downright disgusting when you take that image.

Never fear we give you some simple pointers that will help you reconsider the way you approach photography food with your smartphone. From lighting tricks to composition tips this video is the perfect excuse for making a trip to the nearest restaurant, cafe or hawker center. 

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