Five tips for better photo compositions

Follow these simple rules to get better photos every time, whatever your setting or subject.

One of the delights of the smartphone age is that it makes potential photographers of us all. Where once you needed an expensive DSLR and a back-breaking amount of kit to take quality photographs you can now achieve amazing results armed simply with a device that slips comfortably in the pocket of your skinny jeans. 

Well, that's the theory. However, as we've all discovered it's all very easy to take great quality photos with your smartphone but that doesn't necessarily mean they are great to look at. Rather annoyingly, it turns out that like most things in life good tools don't guarantee great results. It's that little bit of skill and know how of the person behind the lens that turns the good picture into the great photograph.

But don't give up just yet, the good news is learning this skill isn't that difficult, it just requires a little bit of practise and some awareness of the golden rules of photography. And, guess what, we've made it even easier for you by creating a simple video which explains five of these golden rules for nothing.  

You can thank us later, but in the meantime get watching, then make your way to the Stuff Smartphone Photography Awards, submit your best photos and stand a chance to win great prizes like a new Oppo R9 and a free subscription to Netflix!