• Synology DS212J

Synology has been quietly churning out some of the best cloud-enabled NAS (network-attached storage) devices for ages now.

design, set-up and power consumption 

Its most home-friendly unit is typical of the company's output: it looks a bit utilitarian, but allows easy access to the twin-drive bay for adding SATA hard disks, is a doddle to set up, and serves up your content fuss-free. And best of all, it only needs a fraction of the energy a PC would, taking up just 17.6W of energy at full whack. 

cloud skills 

This machine isn't just a dab hand with everyday NAS functions. It's also a master at extending its reach through the ether(net) to your PCs and mobile devices. The DiskStation manager interface is stuffed with apps that can set up the DS212j as an FTP, email, photo server and much more. 

DLNA, apps and storage 

Full DLNA certification makes streaming to TVs effortless, while excellent iOS and Android apps make it child's play to upload and share files on the go – as well as download them. And while services like Dropbox will stretch to a (very expensive) maximum of 500GB of storage, the DS212j can handle up to 8TB of data, mirrored for backup and available anywhere – all you need to do is add the drives. 

Stuff says... 

Synology DS212j review

A brilliant NAS and a brilliant cloud server – brilliant all round, really 
Synology DS212J
Good Stuff 
Does away with USB sticks
Streams data throughout your home
Bad Stuff 
Not what you would call stylish