Why choose an iPad or iPhone repair shop that offers face2face repair?

We discover why the as-you-wait face to face repair service from iRepair gives you peace of mind and a healthy smartphone
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I love my mobile phone, who doesn’t? But perhaps I use and abuse it a little too much. After months of torture, my iPhone 6 finally gave way under the intense stress I was placing on it.

On the outside, the phone looked OK, except for the bulging screen and non-responsive home button. However, the rapid battery draining, sluggish nature and some generally random behaviour convinced me that the damage might be more than skin deep. Unable to withstand a spoilt home button anymore, I decided to finally take action and send my “ill” baby to a “doctor.”

After googling “iPhone repair shops” I managed to get some quotes on how much these phone repairs might be about to set me back. Price wasn’t my only concern, though. A number of friends had regaled me with their own bad experiences I had even heard of situations where some shady shops actually switch out original parts for counterfeit ones. A check at authorised iPhone service center’s website, the out-of-warranty service fee of S$428 for my iPhone 6 was clearly over my budget.

In the end, I opted for a store called iRepair, this was partly due to their claim that they were able to fix the majority of phone damage issues. It was also because of their service called “Face2Face” repair, which allowed me to watch the engineers work on my phone, which made the whole process seem a lot more trustworthy and transparent.

So how did it go? Pretty well, I would say. The repair place on Prinsep Street managed to clear my iPhone of all its ailments and the staff there was extremely helpful. It didn’t quite seem like any other repair shops either, and here’s what I gathered. 

3 Reasons Why iRepair Isn’t Just another Repair Shop

1.    Streamlined Workflow 

If you’ve ever gone to repair your phone at a roadside stall, the guy who’s handling your enquiries is most likely going to be the same man who’s going to then take a crack at fixing your smartphone. At iRepair, the customer service associates exist purely to address your concerns and settle the administrative side of things leaving the engineer elves and their well-equipped machines undisturbed and untroubled to work their healing magic.

Upon completing the registration process with my identity card and their e-system, the engineers gave me a quick and easy-to-understand prognosis, explaining the suspected battery and iPhone home button issues. The engineers themselves come from a variety of backgrounds. Nevertheless, they were all in a position to communicate in English and also other languages. Essentially, the overheating of the bloated battery had left a yellowish patch on my iPhone screen  display and was also threatening to bend the motherboard. The iPhone screen repair service was essential and needed my immediate attention. 

After they took apart the device, the original diagnosis proved correct. My iPhone battery was indeed bloated, and even had the potential to explode if I continued to abuse it.

Following the diagnosis the iRepair and their iPhone repair Singapore team then provided me with a breakdown of their quotation and then gave me the option to proceed with the repair work or simply void the service without obligation. All their diagnosis is carried out completely free of charge. 

2.    Trust

With the diagnosis confirmed and the paperwork sorted the engineers swiftly got to work, letting me experience the “Face2Face” repair service.

What Face2Face means in reality is that you can watch the certified engineers from behind a glass panel as they look to resuscitate your loved one. This concept of openness is aimed at helping reassure customers of their levels of workmanship, and build a relationship of trust with consumers. It also helps demonstrate that all the repair work is carried out in-house, which means nothing is outsourced to third-party contractors. With the Internet awash with cases of some repair shops swapping out smartphone parts during repairs and returning you smartphones with inferior replaced parts, this is a really big plus point.

After 30 minutes of iPhone surgery, iRepair team then talked me through the list of parts that they had removed and what they had replaced, allowing me to do a full check on my device that everything tallied up before I had to make the payment. They also gave some additional advice on the correct way to charge the phone battery. All the parts replaced come with a 1-month warranty so if you do experience any problems with the parts they installed; you could pretty much just hit them up again with your warranty receipt.

One further level of reassurance is the fact that they are the only mobile phone repair store that is CaseTrust accredited by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), which is the certification board tasked with validating whether a business provides fair trading practices and transparency to consumers, and it’s not easy to get.

3.   A Secure Experience

iRepair has also begun experimenting with an e-service system that gives you an option to be sent an SMS to collect your smartphone when it’s ready. Especially useful if it proves that its injuries are too severe and your phone needs to be hospitalised at iRepair for longer than you have to hang around. You will then get a full set of details, which you will be required to present for collection, whether your phone gets discharged on the same day or the next.

This keeps your smartphone safe and makes sure it only gets back into the right hands. If you do really want someone else to collect your phone for you, then they will need you to authorise or verify them and bring the collection slip to confirm that it’s all above board. If you are unavailable or unable to verify the individual when they are in the store, then iRepair just won’t release the phone. At every step of the way security and privacy, are their top concern.

In Conclusion

Overall we’d have to give iRepair’s service a thumbs up. The repair process is well organised, the engineers seem to know what they are doing, and their security policies in place are definitely more robust than other local repair stores.

The ability of iRepair to heal your mobile phone of nearly all forms of abuse and the fact that they service nearly all brands of phones in Singapore’s marketplace is definitely another big plus. All things considered we’d definitely head back there the next time our phone has an argument with the floor or gets caught out in the rain. After all its home to some of your most prized possessions: your favourite songs, your treasured photos and of course your cherished pokemon’s; do you really want to take the risk all that with a trip to just any old repair shop?

If your iPhone, iPad, Samsung,Sony, HTC, Nokia and LG mobile needs a quick fix or advance chip level repair, then iRepair is definitely a top choice to consider. Find out more at their website: iRepair or get connected to their Facebook page: iRepair Singapore or Google Plus page: iRepair SG for further information, prices on the services they offer and plenty of iRepair Singapore reviews to help you make the final decision.