Take your movie watching to another dimension without moving from your couch

We pick 10 classic science fiction films that look out of this world on Sony’s BRAVIA™ Z9D 4K HDR TV
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As Captain James T. Kirk once said “Space, the final frontier,” an infinite void of black nothingness interspersed with pinpricks of light from distant stars and planets. It’s perhaps little wonder that this epic, but mostly blank canvas has been such an inspiration for the human race since we first turned our eyes to the sky at night.

Nowhere is that truer than in the field of science fiction movies, where directors have been able to let their imaginations run wild and in the process created some iconic films with scenes that live long in the memory. And now with the release of Sony's new BRAVIA™ Z9D 4K HDR TV there’s the perfect excuse to revisit some of these classics.

Why’s that you say? Well in large part it’s because Sony's BRAVIA™ Z9D TV contains a little something called Backlight Master Drive™ Technology, a new innovation that is revolutionising the way you watch television.

By increasing and then accurately managing the light output of the screen, Backlight Master Drive™ Technology makes specific areas darker or brighter to truly reflect the image being displayed. Sony reckons it increases the dynamic range to three times that of a conventional LED-backlit TV, which means contrast, contrast and more contrast - without losing any of the details or the gradients in between the darkest and the lightest part of the image. Particular helpful when you’re watching star cruisers engage in a laser battle on the darkest reaches of the galaxy or someone running for their lives down the dimly-lit corridors of an abandoned spaceship.

By offering added brightness, increased detail and greater contrast Sony's BRAVIA™ Z9D 4K HDR TV elevates any film to near HDR quality and means the empty blackness of space has never looked so real. So what are you waiting for, get reading our list and get ready to go to infinity and beyond.

#1 - The Martian

Yet another film directed by Ridley Scott, The Martian was so enthralling thanks to the way it made the physical demands of trying to survive on the Red Planet seemed so real and tangible. We felt like we were there every step of the way with Matt Damon’s stranded astronaut as he looked to battle against the odds in a harsh, unforgiving environment. An environment that looks even more gritty and deadly in high definition 4K. Even the slightly outlandish ending, which takes place in deep space is given a lift by the impressive levels of contrast offered up by Sony's BRAVIA™ Z9D TV.

#2 - Gravity

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock play a veteran astronaut and a talented medic who find themselves tethered together and stranded in space after their orbiting shuttle is destroyed. Things don't get much better from therein, on as the pair struggle to save themselves in the harsh and unforgiving environment of space. The unrelenting action and spectacular effects played a big part in the film winning 7 Oscars back in 2010. Considering what a visual feast this movie is the brightness, color, and detail offered by the resolution and high dynamic range of Sony's BRAVIA™ Z9D makes it the ultimate TV on which to properly sample the shimmering asteroid showers, glittering stars, the blue of Earth and of course, the blackness of space. 

#3 - WALL-E

This is a kid’s movie with a seriously big message about a potential future for the human race that looks alarmingly more prescient by the day.  Throw in one of the most lovable leads in the form of our trash collecting robot, a love story underscored by a classic tune from Louis Armstrong and that slapstick filled opening 20 minutes and it’s little wonder this was nominated for no less than six Oscars. Being a Pixar movie WALL-E also looks stunning. Whether it’s the ravaged vision of garbage-filled future Earth or the gleaming, anti-septic corridors of the giant Axiom, the sheer level of detailing that’s been put in by Pixar’s animators can be better appreciated in 4K HDR quality.

#4 - Alien

Despite the tagline you’re definitely going to be hearing people scream if you sit down with friends and family to watch this suspenseful horror set in outer space. The build-up, the reveal of the alien, the climactic showdown and the ever-increasing paranoia: one of the great space films of its generation would be a treat to watch on Sony’s BRAVIA™ Z9D TV thanks to the TV’s X-tended Dynamic Range PRO™ technology, which greatly increases the range of brightness - just to make sure you don’t miss any of the scary events taking place onboard the dark corners of the Nostromo.

#5 - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

While the look and feel of the first (fourth) Star Wars movie might have reinvented the way a generation looked at space, this the second in the series cemented the franchise in the pantheon of movie greatness.  From the opening battle on the snowy wasteland of Hoth via the swamps of Dagobah to the dramatic reveal on Cloud City this further expanded the Star Wars universe and saw us form unbreakable bonds with the lead characters that would endure across the eons, well until Jar Jar Binks came along anyway. A film where the battle between the forces of light and dark is reflected in the landscapes and cinematography is perfect to be enjoyed on a TV that offers such ultra-high contrast pictures. P.S. Make sure to check out this original trailer from 1980 with a voice over from none other than Harrison Ford.