Six reasons why Sony's Android TV™ is redefining your entertainment options

How the operating system and a smart TV like Sony’s BRAVIA™ Z9D 4K HDR with Android TV™ can transform your viewing experience.
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Initially unveiled in 2014 as a successor to Google TV, the smart TV platform Android TV™ is starting to inch its way into living rooms all over the world and for good reason: Imagine doing what you do on your phone on a 65 inch 4K HDR screen.

Watch your stash of kitten videos, play games or binge on your favourite series with the click of your remote (or smartphone) and all from the comfort of your couch. But they are not all this killer combination of state of the art smart TV and cutting edge operating system can do to make your life better. Here’s the lowdown on why you need Sony's Android TV in your life.

#1: Puts you in Complete Control

Let’s face it, we’re pretty spoiled when it comes to our viewing options these days. Aside from an ever growing raft of satellite channels to choose from, we’ve now got the luxury of countless streaming services like Netflix and Viu, and that’s before we even begin to mention the many wonderful (and often quite weird) pleasures waiting to be discovered on YouTube. The complaint that ‘There’s nothing good on TV’ might be a thing of the past but with so much choice out there, finding what is good can be a little bit challenging. Easy.

The Content Bar available on Sony's Android TVis the perfect tool to let you browse your multiple options and quickly find what you’re after. It also goes further, giving you options like ‘Top Picks’, ‘New Arrivals’ and a ‘You Might Like’ selection based on what you’ve previously watched and there’s a search function if you already know what you want to watch but don’t know where to find it.

The Content Bar can be viewed while you continue to watch your existing show or movie and it is completely customisable so you can choose what channels, apps and even genres appear in the opening menu. So what are you waiting for? Click on the Discover button and start watching instantly. Finding that video of a monkey riding a goat has never been so easy.

#2: A feast for your eyes

Smartphones, laptops, tablets - the reality is you’re going to be relying on at least one or two of those devices to stay updated during daily life. While that’s great in the most part, there can always be potential frustrations when you want to share that hilarious video you took of your BFF falling down the stairs with the rest of the family or decide you want to enjoy the finale of that Korean soap in full HD quality. Trying to do this used to involve lots of messy wires and complicated connections now it just takes a tap.

Google Cast™ allows you instantly project your favourite movies, YouTube videos, games and photos from your Android™ or iOS™ mobile devices onto Sony's range of Android TVs for you to watch in its full glory.  And you can continue from exactly where you left off as well. All you need to do is tap on the Cast™ button on your device and voilà! Best bit is, after casting your media, you can still keep browsing on your phone or tablet. 

#3: Look ma, no hands!

A few years ago if you saw someone talking to their watch, laptop or phone you’d probably be giving them a very wide berth but now voice activation is well and truly here to stay and Sony's range of Android TVs are no exception. The Voice Search function is great for those days when traditional browsing techniques are simply too tiresome.  

It uses voice recognition technology to find whatever media content you want, so you save yourself the hassle of manually browsing. Want to settle an argument about the average temperature in Hong Kong or confirm the name of Luke Skywalker’s beard wrangler in Star Wars: A Force Awakens? Just say what you’re looking for into the remote and it will instantly give you access to the power of Google to bring you the answer. It works in over 42 languages and can also be used to search for a particular film, series or TV programme.

#4: Made for Gaming

It’s not just your viewing experience that’s elevated by the new range of Sony Android TV but also the world of gaming.

For starters, you can access and download thousands of different gaming apps through Google Play™. And playing is made easy by the fact that you can connect to the TV through compatible controllers or simply take control via the TV’s own remote. Alternatively, download the BRAVIA™ TV Player app on your PlayStation 4 and you can then use your DualShock® 4 as your TV remote.

There's more, Sony’s BRAVIA™ Z9D 4K HDR TV also makes the perfect vehicle to enjoy and enhance the vast range of PlayStation games, whether its elevating the vivid colours of that fantasy landscape you’re exploring in the latest RPG or reducing latency to help you speed up your responses in that high octane racer. Sony's Android TV also let you enjoy playback between your tablet and smartphone devices so you can keep playing even when you’re not in front of your television. 

#5: Connect with a Google Account

One of the benefits of a smart TV is the opportunity to run your favourite apps on the big screen and it couldn’t be easier than on Sony's range of Android TVs.

Boot up the TV, sign into your Google Account and you instantly have access to countless TV Shows, movies, games and apps through Google Play™. But your Google Account does even more than just let you access all this rich content through your TV. Need to go and check if the dinner’s ready but are right in the middle of an intense game of FIFA? Really should go to bed but also want to watch gripping end of that reality show? No problem, just sign into your Google Account on your tablet or smartphone and you can go right on watching or playing on that device anywhere with your Wi-Fi network. You don’t have to pay anything to access the content on the additional device and it will also remember exactly where you got to when you resume watching so you don’t have to bother skipping through the hour and half you’ve already seen. Seamless integration at your fingertips.

#6: Netflix recommended TV

It’s harder to argue against the fact that Netflix has revolutionised the way we watch TV. And while there are other streaming services out there, they struggle to cope with the depth and diversity of TV series and movies on offer from the US broadcaster that has now been in Singapore for almost a year.

One of the joys of having Sony's Android TV is that it’s even easier to access this content without relying on additional boxes or USBs, just turn on your TV and select the App. Or, if you’ve got a Sony’s BRAVIA™ Z9D TV you just have to click on the Netflix button for instant access. It’s one of the reasons why it is a Netflix Recommended TV but certainly not the only one. They grant this badge of honour for those TVs that provide quick access to apps, offer better performance and feature cutting edge smart technology like instant on.

Not only does it tick all those boxes but with its 4K HDR capability, the Sony’s BRAVIA™ Z9D TV is also the perfect platform to enjoy a host of exciting Netflix Original programming that has actually been shot in 4K. 

Check out our list of the best of those shows here and find out more about how the smart technology packed into the Sony’s BRAVIA™ Z9D TV can transform your world here

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