An Ideal Fit

Why two new fitness trackers from Misfit are the perfect blend of simplicity and versatility
Brought to you by Misfit

Misfit, as their name suggests, has always marched to the beat of a different drum.

Unlike most trackers, they look to blend in where others look to stand out. You can count on them to be water resistant (up to 50 metres in fact) whereas you need to check the fine print for other trackers. You keep track of most if not all of the key activities including cycling and swimming whereas you may not be available on all models for a competing brand.

Clearly, Misfit thinks differently. So what sets them apart from the rest?

Simplicity is also a lifestyle choice

One thing, and perhaps the most important thing, is that Misfit understands is that wearables don’t have to be something that you constantly have to pay attention to. That is, they shouldn’t have screens to distract you when you can simply pick up your phone to look through your notifications and statistics. Adding specialist features makes the wearable more challenging to use, especially for those who don't know the difference between altitude and attitude.

The one of the key things for an effective exercise regime is consistency in your activities and approach. That’s what precise trackers like the Misfit range are effective as they allow you to record regular and accurate figures that allow you to establish a clear picture of trends with regards to your daily activities over time.

But most of all, it shouldn't get in the way of how you live your life; it should do its job in the background, unbeknownst to you, and only tell you what you need to know when called upon.

Fuss-free approach

Despite the minimalist philosophy, the Misfit Shine 2 and Ray are still extremely versatile. You’re able to track sleep duration and quality in addition to the usual fitness metrics of measuring steps taken, distance travelled and calories burnt. You can even tag sporting activities like tennis and football to get an accurate activity-based calculation of the calories burnt. 

24/7 monitoring

When you're charging your tracker, it's not monitoring you, simple as that. Although it only takes a short while to charge, it can be a little disruptive. You shouldn’t have to charge them every other day or every couple of days – the Misfit Shine 2 and Ray run on button-cell batteries that are readily available and can last up to six months before needing replacement.


And if you’re the adventurous sort who’s dabbled with home automation, you can sync the Misfit devices to double up as a button to control other devices or services. Discreet, and functional. Or it can be as simple as acting as a button to take a selfie, or to advance a PowerPoint slide. It can all be done with the Link app, and Misfit constantly adds to its list of features.

A looker, all round

A minimalist approach doesn't mean that the Misfit doesn’t pay attention to looks. In fact, it favours a minimalist look that lends itself well to customisation if you are so inclined.

Pair the Ray with a Lariat Necklace for an elegant night out or take your pick from a broad range of sports bands and other strap options for the Misfit Shine 2.

Misfit Shine 2

Weighing a mere 8.5 grammes, the Shine 2 sports a smooth, anodised aluminium finish that is both stylish and comfortable to the touch. The 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer means the Shine 2 offers accurate tracking and you can tag individual sports activities. It can measure steps, Calories Burned, Distance, Activity Types, Sleep Quality and Duration. The clock face holds 12 LEDs that will light up to show the time as well as other notifications that can be expressed numerically.

Misfit Ray

Also sporting a pristine aluminum finish, the Ray offers step tracking, silent vibration alarms, sleep monitoring and movement reminders, plus they’ve even thrown in some basic phone notifications for good measure. If you don't need the LED notifications and the added accuracy thanks to the magnetometer, or if you have the fashion-conscious urge to enforce the idea that two watch-like devices on your person do not a smooth operator maketh, the Misfit Ray is exactly what you need.

So if the idea of a stylish, fuss-free activity tracker is appealing, then think about it; these Misfits may well be a perfect fit for you after all. Available in an impressive array of colors and styles you can now pick up your very own Misfit fitness and sleep tracker at Zalora Singapore