7 first world #PhoneProblems the OPPO R9s solves

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If we had a dollar for every time we wanted to throw our phone at a wall, we’d be lying in the luxury pool villa we’d have bought with the proceedings right now.

Despite their undoubted ability to improve our lives, smartphones can also be downright frustrating, impeding productivity and generating plenty of unwanted anxiety. Issues like dodgy Wi-Fi connection’s when we’re uploading a file, taking rubbish photos at night, running out of juice when we’re stuck on a long bus ride, or, worse of all, being so delicate that the lightest fall is enough to see them shatter into a million pieces.

Luckily, we might have just found the solution to these admittedly first world problems. The OPPO R9s, a smartphone that doesn’t just meet our exacting standards, but blows them clean out of the water. Available to preorder here from now until the 9 December read on to find out why it can solve your problems. 

PROBLEM: Bad photos on a good night

We’ve all been there, you’re out for drinks with the crew having a grand time, when someone decides it’d be a great idea to capture the moment with a group photo. 15 minutes of frantic herding and one very exasperated waiter later, you finally manage to get everyone to sober up long enough to take the shot.  Except bars tend to be poorly lit, and the resultant photo is just a series of grainy blobs that does no justice to the fun you’re having or anyone involved.  

SOLUTION: Let in the light

The camera on the OPPO R9s has an extra wide f/1.7 aperture that allows in 60% more light than the f/2.2 aperture typically found on other smartphones — making it particularly deft at handling low-light situations.

It’s also equipped with a large 1/2.8in Sony IMX398 sensor, exclusively developed for the OPPO R9s. Intelligent Exposure and multi-frame noise selection ensures your snaps are always finely balanced with minimal noise, so you’ll never have to deal with dark, grainy photos again – good news for you and the waiter. 

PROBLEM: Losing our connection

We’ve all been there, that feeling like you’ve been dropped into an abyss of complete and utter isolation devoid of light and happiness. That’s right we’re talking those moments when you hit a network blind spot on the MRT and you can only stare in horror as your Facebook stops loading and your WhatsApp is perma-connecting?

Ok tunnels you can kind of understand but what about when you’re trying to get on the café’s free Wi-Fi and your phone steadfastly refuses to connect — now that’s a whole other level of annoying. 

SOLUTION: Connectivity in your palm

The OPPO R9s is equipped to operate on six frequency ranges, dynamically choosing the best one for 4G and Wi-Fi signals. While you probably won’t get a connection if you’re somewhere really off the grid (like outer space for example), this means your signal is far less likely to drop in normal circumstances. The R9s also comes equipped with a Wi-fi Amplifier to increase download and network speeds, so staying connected has never been more reliable. 

PROBLEM: Blurred lines

Things move pretty damn fast in today’s world. Whether you’re trying to take a covert photo of some hunk on the bus, capture that rainbow as you’re speeding down the PIE, or snap that one perfect shot of your mate’s puppy, you have to be nimble.

Alas, shaky fingers usually equate to poor photos, and smartphones are not known for their ability to capture great action shots, so instead of a super cute pic of Fido, you’re left with an indistinct blur.

SOLUTION: Focus on what matters

The rear camera on the OPPO R9s comes equipped with Dual Phase Detection Auto-focus technology that increases the area of the sensor’s pixel array by 100% and provides phenomenal focusing speed. We’re talking a 0.06 second quick focus, which is 40% faster than most smartphones even in low-light conditions. Make sure you never miss a moment again, with the OPPO R9s you can be sure of crystal-clear images. 

PROBLEM: Trouble unlocking your phone

Security locks on your phone are a necessary evil for obvious reasons, but after the fifth failed attempt at unlocking your phone with your thumbprint, they can seem like an insane barrier to getting anything done. So you default to the passcode, but a case of fat fingers can often lead to keying in the wrong passcode by accident, especially in your increasingly frantic state. Cue angst, despair, and frustration.

SOLUTION: One touch wonder

The OPPO R9s ensures you never get caught in that locked phone death trap with a super-sensitive and super-fast fingerprint scanner. And we do mean fast. Just brush your finger over the scanner and hey presto the phone unlocks in a quick-fire 0.2 seconds.

The fingerprint recognition system evolves over time, gradually refining its image of your fingerprint, making the process increasingly more efficient and smooth — even if your fingers are wet. But it doesn’t stop there, since the scanner is so efficient: the OPPO R9s also lets you assign different fingertips to specific apps on the phone, so you can launch them immediately with just a single touch. 

PROBLEM: Unflattering Selfies

While recent TV Shows like Black Mirror have shone a stark spotlight on the unhealthy levels of narcissism among us Millennials, the truth is that we still want to look good (especially on Instagram) right? A hot selfie makes us feel great about ourselves, and conversely, a bad one makes us want to hide in a darkened corner and never, ever come out again. So many factors come into play when taking a selfie, but it makes life a whole lot easier if you know you’re working with the best equipment.

SOLUTION: Forward-facing camera

The whopping 16MP front camera with 1/3.1in sensor and f/2.0 aperture on the OPPO R9s is the stuff of legends. Gloriously crisp and sharp, selfies are elevated into an art form in the capable hands of the R9s. The camera also provides high dynamic range and minimizes noise, so your features appear in vivid depth and detail. If you do still feel in need of a touch up then OPPO’s Beautify 4.0 tech will instantly brighten and clear your complexion, brightening your day today. 

PROBLEM: Battery dying

Of all the things we freak out about in the modern world, few can induce the kind of panic brought on by our phone’s battery icon turning red. When the percentage dips down to single digits, that’s when you have to start making the real hard decisions —send that work email, or use that last drop of juice to watch the end of that cat video.

SOLUTION: Supercharged to last

A 3010mAh battery along with power optimizing technology and the upgraded ColorOS 3.0 means the R9s can last for over 15 hours with regular usage, giving you more juice for the things that matter. And if you’re running low, the VOOC Flash Charge will get your device to 75% in just 30 minutes. And unlike other smartphones these fast recharges are low-voltage, so they’ll never tax the phone’s internals with excess heat.

PROBLEM: Dropped your phone, again

While we try to be careful with our devices but we’re all human and we simply can’t prevent every single bump, scratch or slip when we carry them everywhere with us (and we mean everywhere). After all, they’re called accidents for a reason, and the result? Usually a shattered screen and a whole lot of self-pity.

SOLUTION: Built to withstand

Instead of crying over broken glass, let the OPPO R9s weather any storm that may come your way. Sporting a 5.5in full-HD display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, this tough cookie can withstand drops of up to 1.6m. It’s also fitted with 6P Sapphire Crystal over the camera lens, which offers additional protection from scratches, ensuring image quality is never affected.

So the next time you have a klutz moment, your pride might get damaged, but your phone won’t be. 

Want the OPPO R9s to solve all your #PhoneProblems? Pre-order one here from now until 9 December.