4 Samsung Galaxy S8 problems you won’t have with enough data

Unbox your phone, unlimit your telco

By now you should have heard about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and all the amazing things it can do. Your two year contract is coming to an end soon, so it’s the perfect time to pre-order the snazziest smartphone of the season.

But every two years, you arrive at the crossroads at which you have to make the tough decision about which telco you should pledge your allegiance to. You have to take into account how many calls you can make, how much it will cost you every month and most importantly, how much data you can use.

And if you're planning to get Samsung’s latest superphone, you want to make sure your telco plan isn't holding you back from making the best of its flagship features. Here are some examples of how the way you use your phone will dramatically change when you have more than enough data. 

1. Watch all the videos you want on a breathtaking screen

You will be getting a whopping 2960x1400 resolution on the S8's Super AMOLED Infinity Display. 

This means catching up on your favourite Netflix show on one of the sharpest and clearest displays out there while on the move. We wouldn't be surprised if some of you might even prefer watching on the S8 over your other devices, thanks to that immersive experience right in the palm of your hand.

But of course, not all shows on Netflix can be downloaded. There’s also a limit on what you can download. According to Netflix, streaming on the lowest setting will take up 0.3GB per hour, while high and ultra high definition will take up 3GB and 7GB per hour respectively. That's a lot of data when you don't have much to start with in the first place. It's always better to have back-up data for when you just want one more episode to find out why Hannah killed herself on 13 Reasons Why.

On an amazing screen like the S8, binge-watching videos on your commute home might just be the best part of your day. And you shouldn't let something like a 3GB data plan hold you back from making the most out of the the phone's key feature.

2. Become the ultimate social media butterfly

The S8's camera takes astonishing photos even in low light with its F1.7 aperture. And if you're a video type of guy, the 4K video recording gives you something worth sharing on social media. What's the point of having such an incredible camera if your followers can't enjoy the fruits of your shooting labour? 

On a limited data plan, you probably have to wait until you get to the safety of Wi-Fi before being able to share your experience on Instagram or Facebook — and that's a party pooper. Browsing other people's videos and staying connected is also going to have to take a backseat when busting your data cap is constantly on your mind. 

With enough data, such worries will be a thing of the past. Browse and post to your heart's content to keep your social feed looking fresh every time your followers log on. 

3. Upping your social game with live-streaming

Haven't you heard? Live-streaming is all the rage. With apps like BeLive, Instagram and Facebook encouraging us to share what's going on as it's going on, it is very tempting to pick up the S8 and start broadcasting your life. Especially when the S8 has a great front-facing 8MP F1.7 aperture camera to make you look your best.

Live-streaming requires a steady data connection and you don't want to be limited only to places where there's a Wi-Fi connection. Trust us, your room can only be interesting for so long. The best live-streams are always impromptu after all. 

4. Make Bixby do all the work for you

Like most smartphones on the market, the S8 comes with a virtual personal assistant - Bixby. But the difference is Bixby isn't just there for you to boss around via voice commands, Bixby has the power of vision too. 

Think of it like Shazam for real life. All you have to do is point your S8 at an object, and Bixby will use the camera to suss out what it is. It will turn up similar images so you know exactly what your alternatives are for buying that dress, or even specific information like wine tasting notes and food pairing information. That's inifinitely easier than typing "2007 Domaine Josmeyer Alsace Pinot Blanc Mise du Printemps" into Google.

But of course, like all things that plug into the internet's expertise, Bixby requires data to function. You don't want your lack of data to stop you from using one of the S8's highlights now, do you?

Get the Galaxy S8 with Circles.Life

With 20GB for S$20, the sky's the limit when you purchase the S8 with Circles.Life. Not only are you not tied to a telco for two long years, you will also have the flexibility and freedom to watch as many episodes on Netflix as you want, post plenty of content on social media and surf the web to your heart’s content with that much data.

And with a superb phone like the S8, you wouldn't want to limit yourself in the least.