You can take a new photo or pull one up from your device's gallery, or just start with a blank page and start doodling if you want to go freestyle.

The options are very basic – there are only five tools and eight colours – but this is an app that's made for annotating rather than creating a masterpiece from scratch.

You can even capture Google Maps and sketch up directions so that Freecyclers can be united with your wonky TV stand in no time.

Where Skitch really comes into its own is with Evernote integration. As the app is published by Evernote itself, you can now give any notes the Skitch treatment.

You can undo changes and get your image looking just right, but once you exit a Skitched image, you can't go in and re-edit it. Not to worry – there's only so much scribbling you can do on one image anyway.

So whether you just want to draw a moustache on your dog, whip up a quick email postcard or (gasp!) need to annotate some work-related images with Skitch's arrows and highlighting tools, it'll get the job done pronto.

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Skitch review

Skitch is an easy image annotation app that's handy rather than fun (moustachioed dogs aside)