Top tips to take better pictures of people

Five sure fire pointers to improve your smartphone portraits and street photography - and we don't just mean selfies.

When it comes to photos of people the smartphone revolution has transformed our lives. It used to be that you only used a camera to record special occasions like weddings, birthdays and holidays but now we're free to capture every aspect of our day to day lives. We're also able to capture the world around us and the multitude of people in it, whether that's special moments with family or friends or chance encounters that catch our imagination while we're out and about. 

On the downside that does mean we can get a little snap happy when it cames to taking pictures of people, clicking wildly away without much thought to the end result. The truth is taking good pictures of people is a little trickier than just pointing your smartphone in someone's general direction and pushing a button. 

By taking a little more time to consider the setting, composition and backgrounds of your portraits or street shots you can achieve so much more. To get you started we've provided this handy video that offers up five simple tips to consider when taking photos of people.

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