Samsung HT-E5530 review

There are few thinsg more enjoyable than sticking on an action flick and cranking up the volume to annoy-the-neighbours level. Or maybe that's just us; well, us and Samsung. With two tall floorstanding speakers, a meaty sub and some '3D sound'-processing shenanigans, the E5530 is set-up for delivering cinema sound with a punch.

Samsung HT-E5530 review – design and build

There's a trade-off for all that power though – the E5530 is bigger than its rival one-box home cinema systems, with a chunky sub and big centre and front speakers. That said, the Samsung is reassuringly well-built. Even the floorstanding speakers, which come in three parts, feel solid when screwed together.

Samsung HT-E5530 review – specs

It's also every bit as well-specced as its rivals, with a busy Smart Hub including catch-up TV and movies, a wired iPod dock, DLNA and Bluetooth streaming, twin HDMI inputs, a digital audio input and a USB connection. The HDMI is of the Audio Return Channel variety which means one cable can send sound to the TV and take it back, cutting down on clutter.

Samsung HT-E5530 review – picture quality

Picture-wise it's all good – Blu-ray images are colourful without being over-cooked, detail is excellent and motion is sturdy in both 2D and 3D.

Samsung HT-E5530 review – sound quality

Sonically, it's more of a mixed bag. It's loud and proud and great if you want a big sound but when it comes to something a little more subtle, you might find it lacking – the different sized speakers don't integrate as well as others, with the dinky rear speakers being shouted down by the tall front speakers.

Samsung HT-E5530 review – Smart TV and sharing

Sammy's Smart Hub is mostly great. Samsung's AllShare Play wirelessly links your DLNA-ready devices so you can stream music, photos and videos from anything with a DLNA app – be that phone, tablet or laptop.

Samsung HT-E5530 review – verdict

Still, if big is better for you, then there's plenty here for the money – although your neighbours might not see it quite the same way.

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Samsung HT-E5530 review

It's not the most subtle, but there's no arguing with the Samsung's scale and power