Why a Samsung QLED TV is your screen for the future

It’s the easiest way to enter the digital broadcasting era

Analogue TV broadcasting may have just received a temporary pardon from imminent death, but Singapore will still be going fully digital come the start of 2019.

When that happens, free-to-air TV channels will only be transmitted in digital format – to continue to watch them, you’ll need a TV that’s digital-ready.

How do I know if my TV is ready for the switch?

Look out for the DTV Label Mark on your TV – this should tell you if it’s ready and compliant. Samsung’s QLED line of TVs are prepared for the switch out of the box, so you don’t have to worry when the conversion happens.


Why choose a Samsung QLED TV for the jump to digital?

Samsung QLED TVs come with built-in digital tuners so you can pick up watching your favourite soaps right where you left off (we won’t judge) with a digital antenna. For non-digital-ready TVs, you’ll need to connect a digital set-top box as well as an antenna, which can be a bit of a hassle. 

World’s First 100% real colours

Imagine watching images with colours so real they seem to come to life – that’s what a Samsung QLED TV is able to present. Whether you choose a flat design that will sit flush on your wall or go for a bold, curved look, Samsung’s proprietary quantum dot technology will display over a billion shades and 100% colour volume – the world’s first TVs to receive certification for this. Which means you get absolute brilliance, no matter whether you’re watching in the day or at night.

Perhaps it’s time to revisit that video montage of your annual family holiday last month, or snuggle up with your better half to see the recording your best friend made of your wedding. Samsung’s QLED HDR delivers the best contrast, even when it comes to really dark scenes, so you’ll be able to make out every detail.

*100% colour volume measured to DCI-P3 Standard.

Love you long time

Some TVs have a burn-in issue, where paused videos or parts of videos (like channel logos on the top right of your display) get “branded” into your screen if they appear for too long, like a ghost haunting your TV nights. It’s not an easy fix either.

You’ll be glad to know there's no image burn-in on Samsung QLED TVs, so your new TV will be fine – even if you fall asleep with that Netflix Originals drama on pause and rush off to work the next day leaving the TV on. For extra peace of mind, all Samsung QLED TVs even come with a 10-year Burn-In-Free Warranty*.

*Limited to burn-in that occurs under conventional TV viewing conditions, and does not cover TVs used for business purposes.

One Invisible Connection*

You’re a clean freak and the messy wires around your TV set drive you insane. But you live with the problem because there’s nothing much you can do, right? Wrong. With a Samsung QLED TV, you can say goodbye to all that clutter.

Samsung’s Invisible Connection cable means you only have to connect a single, discreet optical cable to your TV for all your devices, so your kids won’t be tripping over your wires and your pets won’t be chewing on something they shouldn’t.

*The ‘Invisible Connection’ refers to a single optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it doesn't include the power cable of the TV nor the cables connected to other devices such as the soundbar.