Data dare: What would people in Singapore dream of doing with 20GB of data?

Update: Check out what our winner was up to (Spoiler: HiPPO bus party!)

There’s a lot that we would do with the Circles.Life 20GB data deal, but these entries in our Samsung Galaxy S8 giveaway take the cake.

We asked you what you would do with 20GB of data and we weren’t disappointed with the answers. From starting a random dance party in an MRT to holding a public KTV session, we received a flood of entries that absolutely destroy all notion that Singaporeans aren’t a creative bunch.


Winner Ting Yan gets his #RANDOMDANCEPARTY

​UPDATE: Circles.Life was all-in and more to fulfill our eventual winner Leck Ting Yan's #RANDOMDANCEPARTY train party promise - taking one step further on the streets of Singapore atop the open-top HiPPO bus with a Samsung Galaxy S8 powered by 20GB data, Spotify and good vibes all around!

Watch (and don't be jealous) of his awesome #RANDOMDANCEPARTY and look back on his winning entry below.



Create 50 #SupportLocal Stock Images within 6 hours

"For a while now, I have wanted to create a supply of Singapore-centric #supportlocal stock photos free for public use. I want to showcase Singapore's beauty in a new light, from our urban architecture to the amazing natural habitats we have built for environmental conservation, unlike what Hollywood thinks Singapore is (*cough* Criminal Minds *cough*). But taking out a DSLR camera, editing on a full-range software and publishing them from a computer takes more commitment than having a day job and family allows for.

With an extra 20GB of data, I would not hesitate to upload high quality pictures instantly and directly from the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its fantastic 12 mega-pixel camera with pro-mode functionality, low-light shot capability, and dual-pixel sensor for action shots. 

As much as I love my Galaxy S6, the camera cannot compare to the S8's multi-frame image processing and ability to take those majestic shots of Marina Bay at night." 

- Mohamed Rushdy Hakam

Forge clearer family ties over video calls

"I would connect more with my family overseas. Being a migrant worker, I rely heavily on my mobile data to communicate with my loved ones abroad. This will help ease having to pay for excess data every time I exceed my monthly mobile data usage.

Having extra 20GB on a Samsung Galaxy S8 also means having clearer video and better voice connection on the go without having to worry about exceeding my data usage. I will also be able to fully utilise Samsung Galaxy S8’s full capabilities as a smartphone and push the boundaries on what a smartphone can do." 

- Peter John de Vera

Eat, sleep, PPAP, repeat

"Watch the PPAP music video 32958 times in 4K resolution. I dare you to choose me." 

- Aritejh

Indulge in media mania

"I will be able to stream music on Spotify with ease and even watch a few Netflix videos or live soccer matches while I'm out, so I don’t have to sacrifice my precious time playing catch-up. One 90-minute live soccer match usually takes up about 3GB of data. With one match per week, it's already 12GB gone. Spotify typically eats up 1GB per day and when you add that all up, even 20GB might not enough.

But with the S8’s expandable storage, I can store music and more on the go. Oh yes, I won’t have to deal with excess data charges anymore." 

- Ong Kok Siong

KTV to your heart's content

"I would stream YouTube or other video/karaoke apps to have a mass karaoke session with friends in the outdoors, maybe on a rooftop under the stars at night, so that we cansing and dance without a care in the world.

The Galaxy S8 has a great screen and clear speakers, so the 20GB videos can be streamed in HD without compromising on quality at all. Most importantly, the data can be shared among friends to create a memorable enjoyable experience for everyone. We wouldn't need to worry about data warnings which would spoil the fun. The only limit would probably be battery life!" 

- Chan Gek Hoon Clara

Hold a birthday party that transcends boundaries

"I will organise a virtual birthday party with a group of friends who live overseas via a video group chat. To allow friends from different time zones to join in the fun, this party will start in the evening and be livestreamed on Facebook. For those who cannot attend, they will be able to view the stream and the recorded video after. This extra 20GB will certainly come in handy as it will be an outdoor party that obviously requires a data connection." 

- Siew Chi Keong

Joy to Orchard Road

"I would hold a special public concert in Orchard, here’s how it will work.

1. Use the extra 20GB data to stream YouTube music videos to a big screen and speakers.

2. Members of the public can join in and sing together.

3. Once the concert is over, next up will be a comedy show featuring YouTube’s most famous comedians. All streamed using the extra 20GB, of course.

4. Record the entire concert/show live and upload onto social media for everyone to enjoy.

In conclusion, the extra 20GB will not only benefit me, but bring lots of joy to many people."

- Chua Wan Lin