Are you a foodie? These 5 tech hacks will help you up your social media game

From AR to B(okeh), capturing your love for food has never been easier

With eating as a national pasttime, it’s no wonder so many of us devote our Instagram accounts to food. Consider it a thrice (OK, let’s be honest, sometimes far more than that) daily routine: find food, take photo, post, eat.

If you’re serious about raising your social media game and bumping up your foodie cred though, there has to be some method to the madness. Which means no more slap-dash photos or selecting dining places at random – but thankfully, also no extra work. After all, gone are the days when we all had to peer at crumpled maps or dining guides to suss out a restaurant or keep a dog-eared diary of our favourite places to eat at.

These days, technology will help you do anything from finding out more about an eatery just by pointing your phone at it, to transforming your food photos into dynamic GIFs in a jiffy.

Watch this video to discover five ways you can harness tech to help you achieve that winning #foodstagram.