Picle bridges the gap between stills and video, recording ambient sound bites along with photos.

You can choose the length of the sound clip (from two to ten seconds), and whether to automatically record the sound clip with the photo or to wait for a moment of your choosing.

These "Picles" can be combined into "Stories", allowing you to quickly craft a narrative from a collection of small snippets.

While some of Picle's charm is its focused set of features, it's a little rough around the edges and could do with a spot of extra functionality.

Some of the controls are in strange places (to upload a story you have to dive into the edit menu) and we would love the facility to record a long sound bite and then trim it afterwards.

There's a basic online service attached to the app, to which you can publish your Picles and stories, though options to share your creations or follow other users' streams are currently not well catered for.

Another gripe is that photos you take as Picles are not available in your device's main gallery. This means you'll find yourself taking a Picle and "proper" photo every time, or more likely giving up on Picle as  just a fun experiment.

The interface itself is beautifully laid out, magically turning your wonky shots into works of art with a spot of heavy cropping and bold titles.

Picle really captures the moment – and we love it for that – but it lacks the social features that would likely make it a hit. Fingers crossed for a speedy update.

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Picle review

Picle opens up an exciting world of photo story-telling, but it needs work

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