YouTube is finally on the Nintendo 3DS

The portable gaming console now lets you watch dancing cats and mashup videos
Youtube is finally on the Nintendo 3DS

It’s been a long time coming but finally we can all watch YouTube on our Nintendo 3DS. Depicted in last month's Nintendo Direct video stream, the new app functions just like any other Youtube experience on other devices with just one difference.

Due to the design of the 3DS, the top screen will function as the full display for the videos while comments, stats, suggested videos and other information will be shown on the bottom screen. There is the option of controls via the stylus, but since the 3DS comes with a whole set of other controls, they do have their uses in the app as well.

The L trigger and B button function as the back buttons, while the R trigger and A button act as secondary pause buttons. The D-pad and the circle pad also serve as scrolling options.

Now there’s even more entertainment that you can get out of the 3DS. Dancing cat videos, here we come. It's a pity there’s no 3D support though. The irony. 

Source: Joystiq