Your very own Power Suit off the rack

Imagine walking down the high street in this contraption

If you ever wondered how wacky the Japanese could get (by that we mean, very wacky), how about this? At the recent WonFes, an event showcasing the latest toys and figurines available for the public, a company has amazed the floor with the unveiling of their ready-to-purchase power suit.

Looking more like the suit that Ripley used in Aliens, the Power Jacket is a creation of Sagawa Electroics. As you can see in the video below, the power suit is used by the user like an extension of their extremities.

While it looks cool and all, as of right now it is still a gimmick, and does not yet have the capacity to carry large amounts of weight . Plus, the high price of 12,000,000 yen ($155,700) is not exactly affordable.

However, this is the first step to having cheap power suits available for the general public, and perhaps in the future we all can have our own personal ‘mecha-suit’ ready for times we need it the most – like throwing out the garbage.

[via Huffington Post]