Your mobile phone is the reason behind your neck and back problems

Researchers say there is a link between mobile device usage and health risks
Keep hunching over your phone and you could end up with health problems

If you’ve been having some nagging neck and back pains in recent times, you need to read this – it could be due to you hunching over your mobile phone, and using it over extended periods of time.

We know you’ve got a mountain of information to keep up with on your devices – from checking texts and emails, to tweeting and checking on Facebook and Instagram posts – but if you don’t do it in moderation, researchers say the poor posture from bending over it will cost you your health.

New York spine surgeon, Dr Kenneth Hansraj, has published a new study that found that tilting your head forward by just 60 degrees to read the contents on your phone puts about 60 pounds (about 27kg) of pressure on your neck, particularly the cervical spine. 

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Everything in moderation is good

Keep hunching over your phone and you could end up with health problems

That’s like having an average seven-year-old sitting on your neck, and the more your neck is bent, the amount of force increases. Keep at it for an extended period of time and the wear and tear will result in the need for surgery.

Hansraj agreed that it is nearly impossible to avoid the technologies that result in these issues, but you should make a concerted effort to look at your phones with a neutral spine and to prevent spending hours each day hunched over.  

"We recommend that people should continue to enjoy their smart devices, but that they pay specific attention to where their head is in space. You want to be careful that your head is straight up with you're using a smart device," he added.

We suggest you adhere to this doctor’s advise before it’s a tad bit too late.

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[Source and images: Daily Mail Online