Your eyes are in for a visual treat with Samsung's new SUHD TVs of 2016

Perfect timing if you're in the market for a new TV to spruce up the entertainment setup

We know you want a TV that will make you go wow when you watch Marvel's Daredevil on it. So here's not just one, but 11 new Samsung TVs to choose from.

And it wouldn't hurt if it's pretty too, which is exactly what the new Samsung SUHD curved TVs offer. You'll have to look really, really hard to spot the bezels on the KS9000 and KS7500 models. Heck, you might even think it's a frameless picture if you wall mount the TVs.

The TVs, all running on the Tizen operating system, also means it's smart enough to connect with your endless list of mobile gadgets. Samsung plays nice too, since its Smart View function that lets you share what you see on your phone to the TV is now extended to all iOS and Android devices. Also, it's intelligent enough to differentiate whether you've connected a game console, OTT box or home theatre system to it.

Neither do you have to fumble with multiple remotes anymore. The Samsung One Remote is the one remote that rules them all, allowing you to control multiple devices with it.

Oh wait, we almost forgot to tell you why the new SUHD TVs will knock your socks off. How'd you like high dynamic range (HDR) movies that gives you the right balance of brightness, amazing black and shadow details, all delivered with rich colours? That's why your eyes will be glued to the new Samsung SUHD TVs, especially when you watch Netflix's HDR movies on them.

No HDR content? It's okay, there's the SUHD remastering engine, which upscales a non-HDR source to HDR 1000 picture quality. Much like 4K upscaling, your source material will still play a crucial part, so don't cry foul if you slot a DVD movie and expect amazing picture quality.

And yes, everything you see here will be delivered in ultra high definition. Clearly, 4K is the way to go and there's plenty of 4K content to view right now.

Not a fan of curved TVs? Go flat with the KS7000 and KU6400 models, the former having the same design as its KS9000 and KS7500 siblings, except for the curve.

Prices, you ask? Here's everything you need, including when the TVs will be available, to plan your savings timeline for your new TV experience.

Samsung KS9000 Curved SUHD TV

  • 55in: S$5199, available now
  • 65in: S$7199, available now
  • 78in, TBC, available by end of Q2 2016

Samsung KS7500 SUHD Curved TV

  • 49in: S$2699, available now
  • 55in: S$4199, available now
  • 65in: S$5999, available now

Samsung KS7000 Flat SUHD TV

  • 49in: S$2499, available now
  • 55in: S$3899, available now

Samsung KU6500 Curved UHD TV

  • 55in: S$3299, available in May 2016
  • 65in: TBC, available by end May 2016

Samsung KU6400 Flat UHD TV

  • 55in: S$2999, available in early May 2016