You want the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus price plans for StarHub? Here you go

Customers who registered their interest will be notified if they can reserve Apple’s new smartphones by 15 September
You want the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus price plans for StarHub? Here you go

iPhone fever is still going strong. So we figured it’s time to update you with StarHub’s take on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The most important bit is definitely the pricing of the iPhones with a two-year contract listed below:

You want the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus price plans for StarHub? Here you go

What’s interesting is that each plan is slightly more expensive than those tagged to the iPhone 5S last year. What about 4G charges, you ask? Permanently waived. Presumably, the additional 4G cost has been factored into the monthly subscription of these newly announced plans. Which, by the way, will also be introduced to new sign-ups and recontracts for non-iPhone (yes, that means Samsung Galaxy phones) from 19 September. 

If you’ve registered your interest to get either of the new iPhones, glue your eyes to your phone. There’s a chance you might get a message or email from StarHub, directing you to reserve for your preferred iPhone starting from 15 September afternoon. Where's the booking site URL, you ask? StarHub's playing a secretive game, saying that the URL is issued only to pre-registered customers who have been selected.

Sounds simple once you get the URL, right? Not really, because this is just only phase one. You’ll need to successfully place an order on the booking site before you can collect the device from any of the 35 participating StarHub retail outlets. Of course, if you have the patience (or just plain lazy), you can have the phone delivered to you starting from 19 September.

Unfortunately, the expected overwhelming response for the iPhones means there’s only a slim chance (think 0.00001%) of walking in to a store and getting it on the spot. Even that won’t happen on launch day, as StarHub stated that walk-in sales for the iPhones will only begin a day later on 20 September.

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