You might be strapping on the Apple Watch by March

But there’s also the possibility for unforeseen delays
You might be strapping on the Apple Watch by March

Apple’s been playing with our feelings – it showed off its Apple Watch in all its glory sometime in September last year and said it will be available in 2015 but we haven’t heard anything of its exact release date (except rumours) since.

Of course, this has left more than just us feeling impatient and wondering when we’ll get our hands on the wearable device. Well, there’s yet another rumour to add on to the many in the industry, but at least it gives us some hope as to when we’ll possibly get to see it.

According to 9to5’s Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch will hit retail stores by the end of March, just missing the Valentines’ Day benchmark previously speculated by some other sources (sorry to those of you that had it on your V-day wishlist).

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He cited sources “familiar with Apple’s retail plans” that indicated that the tech conglomerate will soon select one or two representatives from each US Apple Store (based on its size and market) to head over to its corporate office in California or Texas in early February for training on the watch’s features and sell.

These employees are to then head back to their respective cities and train their colleagues in the days leading up to its launch. But, Gurman also added that there’s a possibility that the current plan of its release in March could change “due to unforeseen delays in manufacturing and software development”.  

Gurman has been right about Apple rumours in the past, and he seems to have some pretty reliable sources close to the company, so there’s not much of a reason not to believe his claims. But just like all other rumours, we’ll have to wait and see.

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