You can now rock Hermès straps with your regular Apple Watch

Available in new colours, the Apple Watch Hermès straps will be sold separately for the first time

It used to be that if you wanted an Apple Watch Hermès strap, you’d have to buy the whole thing (case and strap), which isn’t the most ideal for people who already own an Apple Watch.

Starting today, the Hermès straps will be sold separately, so you can upgrade your non-Hermès Apple Watch (from Sport to Edition), with luxurious leather straps. As for the complete system of Apple Watch Hermès (case and strap),  the three different styles, Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff, will only be available in Fauve Barenia. 

The Single Tour and Double Tour styles now come in four glorious new colours: Bleu Paon (green), Bleu Saphir (blue), Blanc (white) and the classic Feu (orange), while the Cuff is, sadly, only available in Fauve Barenia. These straps will be available starting 19 April.

Of course, you don’t get the Hermès pedigree on the Watch case itself, but hey, you get to save quite a tidy sum. So that has to count for something.

The full pricelist of straps, sizes and colours:

Apple Watch Hemès Single Tour Band, S$520  

  • Single Tour is available in 38mm and 42mm in Fauve Barenia
  • Single Tour in Noir Box (38mm & 42mm) 
  • Single Tour in Capucine Swift (38mm)
  • Single Tour in Etain Swift (42mm)
  • Single Tour in Bleu Paon Epsom (42mm)
  • Single Tour in Blanc Epsom (38mm & 42mm)
  • Single Tour in Bleu Saphir Epsom (38mm & 42mm)
  • Single Tour in Feu Epsom (38mm & 42mm)

Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Band, S$760

  • Double Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm in XL)
  • Double Tour in Etain Swift (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Capucine Swift (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Blue Jean Swift (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Bleu Paon Epsom (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Bleu Saphir Epsom (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Blanc Epsom (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Feu Epsom (38mm)

Apple Watch Hermès Cuff, S$1060

  • Cuff in Fauve Barenia (42mm)