You can actually be fined for parking your car like an idiot in Singapore

On top of being shamed on social media, probably

It’s not easy to keep your zen driving in Singapore.

There are ERP gantries everywhere, people who don’t understand the concept of signalling and dashcam footage each day on Facebook featuring the latest maniac driving against traffic.

And then there are the jokers who don’t know (or care) how to park. We’ve all encountered them — a single car taking up two parking spaces and making you question the legitimacy of driving centres in the country.

Well we’ve got some good news — the authorities can and will fine motorists who park their car outside of the allotted space.

A Facebook post by shows a ticket issued for poor parking along with some choice examples of offenders:

The Housing Development Board and Urban Renewal Authority both have laws in place against imbecile-level parking in their public carparks. According to their website, parking beyond the boundaries of the parking lot thereby causing obstruction can incur a fine of up to S$200, subject to vehicle type.


While it’s incredible that we even need a law for this, we really just want the idiocy to stop. So instead of just posting a passive aggressive rant on Facebook the next time you encounter one of these types of drivers, you know what to do.