Xiaomi's Mi Note listed on IDA, expect it soon in Singapore

Singapore will miss out on early Apple Watch launches, but here's a little consolation

Xiaomi announced the Mi Note earlier this year. And almost immediately, dashed our hopes of seeing it as it was for China only.

It seems the device is finally making a trip, and Singapore will be one of the first few countries to get our hands on this device outside of China.

A quick search on IDA's Equipment Search website shows two new models listed under Xiaomi. One of which is the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Note, the Chinese company's first high-end, premium phablet.

The 5.7in phablet is running a quad-core processor with 3GB of memory and is shaping up to be a good option for people who want something like Samsung's Note phones minus the hefty price tag.

Interestingly, a second Xiaomi device was listed as Mi 4i. Presumably, this is a variant of the Mi 4 that was launched earlier last year. Reports have pointed to it being a cheaper version of the Mi 4, rumoured to cost a mere 1300 yuan (~S$280).

There's also talk of the Mi 4i sporting a 5in 1080p panel, with a mid-range Qualcomm midrange Snapdragon 615 (with octa-core CPU) instead of the Snapdragon 801.

More info about the availability and pricing of the new Xiaomi phones should be revealed during the Xiaomi global announcement in India later. Based on its history though, it's likely that both phones won't be anywhere near as expensive as Samsung's phablet flagship.

Additional text by Tein Hee Seow

[Source: IDA Equipment Search]