Xiaomi's Mi 6 might be next best thing to the Mi Note

UPDATE: This new model might be a consolation to those who wanted the China-only Mi Note 2

After the debut of the Mi Max and the latest Mi Note, Xiaomi's been a little quiet about the possibility of a Mi 5/Mi 5s upgrade.

Latest rumours say the Mi 6 is coming soon, as early as February.

UPDATE 30/12/2016: New rumours about the Mi 6 suggest that it's going to take its design cues from the Mi Note 2.

The phone will apparently look like a smaller Mi Note 2, with Black, White and Blue colour options. This might be a consolation to Xiaomi fans who were likely disappointed that the Mi Note 2 was a China exclusive, like the Mi Mix was.

Yet leaked photos of the purported phone show a rounded edge device with a Home button in front, with a dual LED flash in back. Storage options are said to be in the 128GB and 256GB ranges, which will follow the trend of expanding storage we've seen in newer Android phones.

So if getting a new Xiaomi phone has been on your mind, waiting until February (coincidentally after Chinese New Year) might be a good idea.

A present for Xiaomi fans

A 14 February or Valentine's Day debut is apparently likely and it might be good news for Xiaomi fans who wanted a phone available to them, and not another China-only model.

It's rumoured to be the first smartphone to use Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 825 processor, ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Originally it was thought the latter would be first to showcase the new processor.

Apparently there might not even be just one variant, but a few. The main difference between these variants could be the processor with Mediatek and Exynos versions available.

There could also be a nice bump up to 6GB RAM, a 16MP rear shooter as well as support for Quick Charge 4.0, at least for the Qualcomm version.

None of this is confirmed though, and it's likely Xiaomi might decide to save any new phone announcement for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, happening at the end of February.

In the meantime, check out our guide to getting the most out of your Xiaomi phone.

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