Xiaomi teasing new power bank with USB Type-C port

More portable power for your devices out 21 September

Xiaomi as per usual announced a new device with a teaser on its Weibo page. All signs point to it being a new power bank, likely with USB Type-C.

Faster charging incoming

What is certain is that the new device will be appearing 21 September, but no other details are forthcoming except for a curious green image with what looks like the number 100 with stylised icons.

A closer inspection see that the icons are drawn in the form of connectivity ports, one looking like the standard Micro-USB while another looks like a USB Type-C port which means this might be the first Xiaomi power bank to come with a Type C port.

Xiaomi has been slowly adding the Type-C ports as the port is appearing more regularly on devices, with it likely going to replace Micro-USB as the default port in time. Hardly suprising as the Mini-USB port has now pretty much disappeared from current devices after the appearance of Micro-USB.

Besides supporting the faster Type-C port (great news for people with Type-C devices), the new charging device might possibly support charging multiple devices. Will Xiaomi also be upgrading its charging capacities? Will it be just one device or can we expect a revamp of Xiaomi's current power bank line?

We'll just have to find out on 21 Sept, coincidentally also the day the company is launching its Mi Air Purifier in India. 

[Source: GizmoChina]