Xiaomi is eyeing more markets in Asia for global domination

The Chinese company marches on to enter other Asian countries, but US and Europe aren't in their plans for now
Xiaomi is eyeing more markets in Asia for global domination

Who says the grass is greener on the other side? This side of the world is where tech companies want to be, and Xiaomi is no different.

Xiaomi Global vice-president, Hugo Barra, said the company plans to expand its footprint in the Asian region and wants to increase its play beyond the Singapore mobile market at Startup Asia 2014.

Xiaomi has already been actively pushing its mobile devices in Singapore over the past few weeks itself – it recently dropped the price of its Mi3, released a few waves of its Redmis and Mi Power Banks, as well as teased its fan base with a looming 15 May product launch.

What’s more, the company has also announced plans to officially launch in Malaysia. That’s plenty of big moves within such a short span of time.

Global domination, one step at a time

Xiaomi is eyeing more markets in Asia for global domination

But Xiaomi wants a bigger share of the pie. It’s eyeing regional markets such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India.   

“We’re just about ready to expand to the rest of the region. Whichever is ready first, we’ll launch there first,” Barra said.

And Singapore was a good surge platform for Xiaomi to spread its name.  “It’s a city state, not a massive country so we could take risks and test the market out on a small scale; plus it’s got a fantastic infrastructure ecosystem and it’s a window to the Asian region.” 

Barra also added that MiTalk (Xiaomi’s messenger app) is an ongoing project, and a handful of “new and unseen” features will be rolled into it in the coming few months.

It's evident that Barra’s got many plans for Xiaomi’s pipeline, and we wonder if they'll “try to take over the world”. Cue Pinky and the Brain music please.

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