Xiaomi Box and MiTV won't be in Singapore anytime soon

The Chinese company’s co-founder Bin Li cited content licensing as a hurdle to bring its TV and set top box into Singapore
Xiaomi Box and MiTV won't be in Singapore anytime soon

Xiaomi’s going all out to announce its presence in south-east Asia, bringing its inexpensive S$169 Redmi and flagship S$419 Mi3 smartphones to Singapore, and followed by Malaysia in 2014.

Where’s the 299 yuan (S$62) Xiaomi Box and 2999 yuan (S$623) MiTV? Not till the company sorts out the licensing issues outside of China, said Xiaomi’s co-founder Bin Lin.

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Content is king

Xiaomi Box and MiTV won't be in Singapore anytime soon

At this point, the Chinese company has no content to complement its unbelievably cheap media display solution outside of China.

“For the set top box, we’re only selling in mainland China and the content is provided through CNTV (China Network Television),” said Lin, who also highlighted that Xiaomi wants to ensure it provides content within licensing and legal boundaries. “This is something Hugo and I need to figure out, about the copyright, content and strategy,” he added.

Cross your fingers though. If fans here bang real hard on Xiaomi’s doors for the MiTV and Xiaomi Box, plus the company’s track record of taking its users’ feedback seriously, the affordable TV and set top box might show up on the Singapore website.

Short of saying it out loud, this means that even if Xiaomi decides to bring its set top box and TV to Singapore after its Redmi and Mi3 launch, content restrictions will kick in.

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