World’s most extravagant ‘vending machine’ dispenses super cars in Singapore

It’s your old Hot Wheels display case come to life

Autobahn Motors has just opened their new 15-storey showroom, featuring 60 slots for their sleek super cars and rare classics to be displayed in all their ostentatious glory.

As extravagant as it seems, its ‘vending machine’ concept was actually a product of land scarcity and cost efficiency. ABM had a “requirement of storing a lot of cars”, and was driven by a desire to achieve this in a way that was “creative and innovative”, according to Gary Hong during an interview with Reuters, general manager at ABM.

Well, they definitely succeeded. 

For most of us, it is very unlikely we will ever get a chance to own these glorious vehicles. But if it helps you come closer to realising your greatest fantasies, here is a breakdown of a typical visit to the ABM’s elaborate showroom:

  • Upon arrival, car buyers are welcomed into a viewing gallery
  • Here, they are invited to sit on cozy sofas and are presented with a tablet to make their choice of car to inspect
  • Selection is done on a tablet that displays all vehicles available, from modern super cars to old classics
  • It will take two minutes for the vehicle to arrive via a sophisticated “fish-bone” delivery system that runs through the building. Meanwhile, the lights in the gallery dim and an official promotional video of the specific car is played
  • Once the video is over, studio lights are cast onto the car retrieved, and presented as a large turn table disc plate rotates it towards the buyer

Talk about an unforgettable experience.

Want one? We’ll just leave this quote from one of the great philosophers of our time, Britney Spears, here: “You want a Lamborghini? Now get to work…” 

Check out the building for yourself here.

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