The world's best selling Android in Q1 was the Oppo R9s

Samsung wasn't the reigning Android phone, which was pretty impressive

It seems Oppo is doing amazingly well in the global smartphone stakes: it was the third bestselling phone in the world in Q1 2017, and the bestselling Android phone overall.

Oppo power

Strategy Analytics' data showed that the Apple iPhone 7 was the bestselling phone of 2017 in the first quarter, though there was a slight year-over-year drop in sales. Still, Strategy Analytics estimates that Apple's smaller flagship made up 6.1 per cent of total smartphones in Q1, with a likely 21.5 million iPhone 7 shipped and 17.4 million iPhone 7 Plus models.

Now what about the  Oppo R9s? It likely shipped in the number of 8.9 million or 2.5 per cent. It's still pretty impressive considering Oppo isn't as easily available as its rival Samsung, with limited countries where Oppo is sold officially as compared to Apple and Samsung's wider global reach.

As for Samsung, it took up fourth and fifth place with the cheaper Galaxy J3 and J5 smartphones.

If you look at the data, Oppo is certainly doing pretty well. Unlike Samsung's J series which are decidedly more to the budget market, the R9s is a midrange phone with a top-end selfie camera. To outsell Samsung's cheaper models and be just behind the Apple iPhone in sales shows Oppo is certainly an achievement.

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[Source: GSMArena]