Will we see more fan interaction from popular international musicians?

Since K-Pop’s doing it, the question lies if the rest of the music world will follow suit
Will we see more fan interaction from popular international musicians?

The future of live music in Asia might lie in the hands of international musicians, especially their willingness to open up to their fan base and interact more with them.

Some of you might be ecstatic at the thought of getting up close and personal with your favourite music stars but the issue is actually deep rooted – if musicians don’t put themselves out there, they might soon gradually affect the future of live music in Asia.

This is according to Live Nation China Managing director, Robb Spitzer, who was talking at a Music Matters session of All That Matters in Singapore.

He claimed that although there are new festivals being added at a rapid pace and a bevy of new local promoters entering the business, performers themselves have to go back to the basics and offer consumers value for their buck.

“There’s no point being creative if you’re not engaging,” he said.

K-Pop's got it right

Will we see more fan interaction from popular international musicians?

Artist Voice CEO, Brett Murrihy, cited K-Pop stars as an example. If you’ve ever been to a K-Pop concert, you’ll get what he means – they take time off their schedules to dedicate themselves to their fans.

“There needs to be more fan meetings, segments within their concerts where they talk to their audience, or even encouraging and supporting fan clubs. I don’t think it’s impossible for other international artistes to do some of the same things.”  

But obviously, the scale in which K-Pop artistes and international music heavyweights play in is different.  

The Livescape Group director, Rahul Kukreja, added that another factor that will better the future of music in Asia is to bring in a diverse range of acts to Asia, to compensate for the varying tastes in music.

“It’s become a scene where people look beyond pop or rock now, and we need to cater to that evolving need,” he mentioned.

Let’s just hope the price to attend one of these gigs doesn’t increase for us to experience such benefits.

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