This is why you’re likely to have better mobile coverage at NDP 2014

Starhub will be deploying its upgraded mobile base station close to the seating gallery
This is why you’re likely to have better mobile coverage at NDP 2014

You’re seated at one of the biggest national events in Singapore, albeit with a few thousand people, and obviously, your Internet connection is as crap as it’ll ever be because everyone’s trying to connect to it at the same time.

Well, this year, your National Day Celebrations at and around TheFloat@Marina Bay may be a little different – you might actually experience better Internet speeds and connectivity as a result of StarHub deploying its upgraded solar-powered mobile base station at the event itself.

Called Cellular-on-wheels (COW), the station will be positioned right alongside the seating gallery (so it will be as close as possible to you) and claims to be able to handle mobile traffic from as many as 2000 users at the venue.

Now, we’re not sure if that will actually make that huge of a difference considering there’s going to be an average of a whopping 30,000 people there. 

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But apparently, StarHub’s also trying to further ease the online traffic and improve on NDP attendees’ experience by improving its capacity and mobile coverage at more than 30 of its mobile base stations around the Marina Bay area.

But that’s not it – StarHub’s also declared that there’ll be network engineers positioned on-site to keep track of the mobile base station performance on that day, in addition to its network operation centre.

We guess there isn’t going to be any cause for worry then, especially when we capture the best firework snaps and post it up online. Besides, StarHub does pride itself in its 100 per cent mobile network traffic uptime at last year’s NDP.

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[Source: HardwareZone, image: StarHub Community]