Why would you want a Samsung UD590 UHD monitor?

Compared to the 28in 4K UHD display, full HD screens are too mainstream
Why would you want a Samsung UD590 UHD monitor?

You don’t need a 4K display, not when it’s less than 55in. So many pixels crammed into a small screen doesn’t make a huge difference.

True, if it was a TV placed at least 1m away. False, if you’re eyeing a workstation display, which is just an arm’s length away. For a display measuring less than 30in, the slightest pixel can be spotted at a short viewing distance.

Also, if you don’t have a few thousand dollars to spend on an ultra high resolution, it makes more economical sense to get the Samsung UD590 UHD monitor.

We could bore you with the details of how it has a response time of 1ms and UHD upscaling technology to convert low res streams into glorious, eye-popping details. Oh, and there are two HDMI (v1.4) ports and a Display Port.

But in non-geek terms, faster response means everything looks insanely smooth during movies or gaming sessions. Upscaling? It simply means your old DVD-quality movies won’t look crappy on the Samsung monitor. And those two HDMI ports? Just enough to plug in your PlayStation 4 and that long awaited Xbox One in September.

How much, you ask? A three-figure sum at S$899. It’s not exactly spare change that's readily available, but if you’re a graphic designer, you won’t regret spending the cash for that extra pixel.

Why would you want a Samsung UD590 UHD monitor?

Alternatively, Samsung has two new full HD monitors - the 27in SD590 and 23in SD390 priced at S$428 and S$288 respectively. Definitely more affordable than its UHD sibling, plus both full HD monitors come with upscaling technology and a Game Mode, which is quite self-explanatory.

But unlike the UHD monitor, the full HD options have a slower 5ms response time, and a D-sub port instead of a Display Port to connect your desktop or laptop. HDMI ports, however, are also equally limited - the SD590 comes with two HDMI ports while the under S$300 SD390 has only one.