Why Singtel’s no contract SIM Only Plan is the best thing in town

Because it’s giving you a data plan with free incoming calls and messages, with some fine print

If you have only S$20 to spare for your monthly phone bill, it’s time to visit your nearest Singtel shop.

The telco just announced a new SIM Only Plan, which doesn’t bind you to a nasty two-year contract. What’s more important is that with S$20, you can purchase the starter pack that gives you 3GB of mobile data and 2GB of Singtel WiFi. This makes sense for mobile users in Singapore relying mainly on WhatsApp for text messages and now have the option to do calls using mobile data.

You’ll still be contactable via voice calls and SMS, both of which are free if it’s incoming. To make outgoing calls and messages though, you’ll need to top up the plan. This starts from S$5 for 200 minutes of outgoing talktime. With outgoing messages, you can pay S$5 to get 1200 SMS. Whether you can use hit the messaging quota is another question altogether.

On top of that, Singtel confirms that you can also add on more data to the plan if you’re hitting the limit. And since it’s priced at S$5 for every GB, compared to paying S$10 per GB if you bust the limit, this makes it even more attractive. Of course, you’ll need to monitor your data usage closely and have your phone warning you when you’re about to bust the cap.

If our headline wasn’t clear enough, there’s absolutely no contract binding you to this post-paid plan. While you’re also paying a monthly subscription customsed to your needs, you can stop using it at any time, with no penalty involved. Well, almost, because even if you cancel the plan mid-month, you won’t get any pro-ration of fees for the remainder of the month.

There’s also the matter of discounts. A quick check of the terms and conditions also stated that the SIM Only Plan won’t enjoy mobile plan discounts, Cross-product bundles, Bill Rebates and Red Rewards points. You’re paying the full amount, end of story.

Still, even with these two fine prints, this is possibly one of the most attractive offers from Singtel we’ve seen. Which makes even more sense with the popularity of affordable yet powerful devices like the OnePlus 2 that doesn’t come with a two-year contract.

More importantly, even if you were to get a S$20 starter pack and add S$10 for 1200 SMS and 200 minutes of talk time, it’s still at least S$10 cheaper than what you would have to pay for an equivalent two-year plan from Singtel. In comparison, it's even better than M1's MySIM plan, if you're looking at it purely from the data-only perspective.

Again, we can’t stress this enough, these newly announced post-paid plans are contract-free. So you're no longer bound to one telco if you wish to switch to another.

Though with this new offer from Singtel, we highly doubt you’ll want to jump ship.