Why pay more? The OnePlus 3 is all the flagship phone you need


It helps that the whole thing looks fantastic, whether you go for the Graphite or Soft Gold colours. 

Each curved, all-metal body gets cut from a single slab of aluminium, and at only 7.3mm, it'll slip in and out of a pocket smoother than butter.

The 5.5in screen might not have a pixel-popping 2K resolution, but 1080p means the CPU and GPU don't have to work as hard, giving battery life a boost. The outer bezel is tiny, making the screen feel much bigger in your hand, and Gorilla Glass 4 should keep it free from scratches.

OnePlus has also switched to OLED tech, so colours should be vibrant and blacks incredibly deep and inky, for far more dynamic pics and videos. A polarising screen coating should stop things from turning into a washout in bright sunlight, too.


OnePlus reckons the new ceramic fingerprint sensor on the front will unlock the phone in a lightning-fast 0.3 seconds - whether the screen is on or not. There's NFC (don't panic, it's not been ditched) and a 3.5mm jack, because apparently that's not something to take for granted any more.

It’s network unlocked, so it doesn’t matter who supplies your SIM card, and it’s got two microSIM slots, so you can make it your phone and work phone at the same time. There’s even an unlocked boot loader, for those techie types that like to tinker with custom versions of Android.

At US$399 in the States, you're looking at an under S$600 flagship phone. We're struggling to find any real downsides - especially now that you can buy one invite-free. Are you convinced? You can buy one from July onwards when it lands in Singapore.

We'll be giving the OnePlus 3 a full review next week, so make sure to check back for our final verdict.