Where’s the Apple iWatch? Under wraps until 2014

Oh, the irony… sources claim engineering snags mean Apple’s smartwatch is running late
Apple iWatch

If you can tell us the time using your Apple iWatch, you’re reading this article in the future. And, according to new whispers bouncing around the Apple chatroom, that future is further away than you might have thought.

hire vision

Apple iWatch

The company has been hiring “agressively” for the iWatch project according to the FT, but quotes a source (anonymously, of course) who reckons “hard engineering problems” are delaying Apple’s smartwatch launch.

What that means in real terms is that unless Apple can engineer a watch that makes time travel possible, you won’t be sporting an iWatch on your wrist until the “latter part of next year.” And of course, that’s only if Tim Cook and his crew deem the final product worthy of release. It wouldn’t be the first time Apple had shelved a product

So the wait continues. Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Apple iWatch – the story so far