WhatsApp Web for iPhone is here!

Remember when we said it was coming soon? Less than 24 hours after that, it's arrived

Brace yourselves: WhatsApp Web is coming to iOS.

However, unlike the coming of winter to Westeros, this is the complete opposite of an apocalyptic event.

A quick visit to the WhatsApp Web homepage will reveal they've quietly included something we've all been waiting for: a header with instructions on how to access the service on the iPhone.

Since a simple check of our iPhones shows no such functionality exists as yet, our Holmes-esque skills of deduction has led us to believe that this all-important update is coming sooner than we think. 

Update 20 Aug 2015: It seems that WhatsApp is slowly rolling out the feature for users, with 9to5mac reporting it won't be through an app update, but rather via a server-side change per user account. So, just hang tight!

Doogie Browser

WhatsApp Web has been a boon to Android, Windows Phone, and even Blackberry users for ages now, letting them use the messenging service from the convenience of their PCs and laptops via their web browser of choice.

Of course, it's also helped all this while in fooling bosses into thinking they're furiously typing away at busy work, and are seriously enjoying their jobs as they smile away at group chats