What's good at the Singapore Motorshow 2017?

Petrolheads, you’re in for a treat

If you’re dropping by the Singapore Motorshow this weekend, make sure you check these off your list.

Happening from 12 to 15 January at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Motorshow is every red-blooded car lover’s fantasy come true. The show this year will feature more than 16 new launches and over 200 participating cars for you to salivate over.

Tickets cost S$6 for weekdays and S$8 for the weekend. But that’s a small price to pay to tour the parking garage of your dreams, right?

VR view

Audi wants you to experience the showroom of the future via the HTC Vive. Put on the headset and you’ll be walking around the car that you’re looking to buy. Want to change the colour of the interior? You don’t have to rely on the power of your imagination. It can be switched out with a tap of a button.

Sweet rides

The Motorshow gives Kanye West’s garage a run for its money with all that horsepower loaded in one place. From the Nissan Pulsar to the Audi R8 Spyder, there’s something for every kind of car lover. If you’ve ever wanted to compare various makes of cars in one spot, this is the place to be.

Too fast, too furious

Russ Swift, stunt driver extraordinaire, will be showing off his precision driving skills all through the event. The tickets are available for free an hour before each hour-long session. Make sure you get your tickets fast because they will run out, you've been warned. 

Win stuff

Who doesn't like free stuff? At the Singapore Motorshow 2017, you can get lucky. Visitors to the show will get the chance to drive away in the new Subaru Impreza. If cash is king to you, there will be also be a lucky draw in which three winners get to win S$1000 each.