What you need to know about the mobile ATM app Dash

Set up a bank account, depositing and withdrawing cash, paying merchants, minus the queue
What you need to know about the mobile ATM app Dash

So we heard SingTel and Standard Chartered launched an app called Dash. Is it like Diner Dash?What? No. Stop playing these time-wasting games. Dash is an app that loads money into your wallet.

Woohoo! Free money!Sure, if you regard your own money as a freebie. Though technically, if you download the Dash app now and sign up, you’ll get S$10 credited into your account.

The setup process is pretty simple - enter your personal details, take a photo of the front and back of your NRIC, and you can start using the app. A day later, when the bank verifies your details, you’ll have a new Standard Chartered Dash Easy Savings account set up and you’ll receive new ATM card and account number.

So, it’s like setting up a bank account, minus the queueRight, and in the process, your smartphone becomes your personal ATM machine too. You can top up your savings account with more cash value, which can be used to pay your bills at participating merchants.

What you need to know about the mobile ATM app Dash

Can I pay for cab rides?Yes. In fact, three cab companies accept Dash - ComfortDelGro Taxi, Prime Taxi and SMRT Taxi. Other merchants include food and beverage outlets such as KFC, Koi Cafe, Pizza Hut, Spinelli. The list is still growing, and is expected to have 20,000 acceptance points by the end of 2014.

Wait, does this mean the cash is stored on my app?Yes, and you can top up the cash value when it’s running out. You don’t even need to go to an ATM to do that or use a Standard Chartered account to transfer the money. Once you’ve received your Dash login details, you can transfer funds from your Standard Chartered account or from other banks to it via online banking, standing instruction or GIRO.

But that means my money’s stuck in the phone!That’s what the ATM card is fore. If you still prefer the feel of cold, hard cash, you can withdraw the money from any physical Standard Chartered ATMs.

I’m still not sold, what happens if I lose my phone, or pay the wrong merchant?For the former, you can call 1800-438-3274 (1800-GET-DASH) to temporarily block your Dash account. Plus, the phone logs off once it’s inactive for more than 15 minutes. If you’ve paid the wrong merchant, you can call the same number to void the transaction. This, however, is up to the merchant’s discretion.

Does it require near field communication?Nope. That means you can use your iPhone too, so here’s the download link for the iOS version. Android users can get it here.