Opinion: What is up with Xiaomi?

Erna Mahyuni tries to understand why Xiaomi makes it so hard to get Mi phones

The praises heaped on Xiaomi's concept-yet-sold at retail phone, the Mi Mix, have been near universal.

Maybe I'm just a spoilsport but I don't see the point of praising a smartphone that is being showed off overseas and yet is likely never to leave China. Neither is the Mi Note 2 leaving China apparently and yet the launch of both phones was hyped globally.

Additional text by Elissa Loi

China-only gets really old

We can all live without Samsung's flip phones, sold only in South Korea and China. But it gets super annoying to hear of various variants of smartphone that Xiaomi has designated "China only".

Sure, the Mi Mix costs too much, don't bring it in then. But not offering the Mi Note 2? Really?

"Hey we just want to remind y'all we can make great phones and we're not just copycats, yeah." I guess Xiaomi doesn't think it's a problem that people who do want the phone will just have to rely on the grey market.

Word is that Xiaomi is having to fight hard for market share back in China, thus its China-first mentality. Still, in a world where I have plenty of choices of really good phones that can arrive on my doorstep tomorrow, I think the rest of us can afford not to keep waiting on Xiaomi.