Watch live events in high definition, thanks to StarHub and Nokia Networks' Liquid Applications

The app utilises a new 4G mobile solution, bringing you multiple real-time perspectives of concerts, matches and more
StarHub and Nokia Networks trial a new 4G mobile solution

Imagine you’re at a live event – be it at the F1 race, the National Day parade or maybe even a Redfoo concert. And let’s face it, nine out of 10 times, you end up not liking the view you’re getting even though the vibe’s great.

But this doesn’t have to be the future – you could be getting better views from your mobile devices thanks to a new 4G mobile solution from StarHub and Nokia Networks. The companies have collaborated to give life to an app, currently named Liquid Applications, that will give you multiple real-time perspectives of any sort of live events, in HD.

Nokia’s created the app, while StarHub provides the network from its 4G mobile base stations. Now before you get all excited, let us be the first to break to you that the technology is still in a trial phase and it’s not necessarily going to get rolled out to the masses in the coming days or weeks.

But we caught a sneak peek of the video orchestration technology in action at the Rising Stars Finals played at the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global on 21 October.

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How it works

StarHub and Nokia Networks trial a new 4G mobile solution

Four live video feeds were delivered concurrently to us on iPads, giving us different perspectives of the action played out in the court. We were also able to zoom in on the action by selecting any preferred camera angle at any time.

And since it’s a localised mobile content delivery, it significantly reduced lags and boosted surfing quality – the lag was less than a second apart from what was going on live, which is a massive difference from what you’d get if you view it on TV.

But the future of this technology brings up a world of possibilities. Not only will sports, concerts, awards and parades be available to you in high-definition on your mobile device from wherever you are as a spectator, the solution will also allow mobile operators to offer other innovative services such as augmented reality and location-based services.

Of course, if and when the technology gets rolled out, it will most likely be a paid service but regardless of that, we can’t wait for it to go official. 

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