Watch the latest episodes of Running Man for free on Viu

Also, expect more Korean shows with easy-to-read English subtitles to keep you entertained

Some things are too good to be true such as streaming the latest Korean shows and dramas for free on your smartphone, tablet or via the web.

In the case of Hong Kong media PCCW's streaming service Viu, it's really a true story. And it's now free to download via iOS or Android, and accessible on the web.

Well, almost. During its launch, the company did mention that everything in its library, including the latest episodes of the hilarious Korean variety show Running Man, is free to stream. And download too, if you want to save it (and your mobile data) while you're on the move. Premium services, such as the abovementioned option to download videos onto your device, might be chargeable, though PCCW hasn't announced the specific pricing yet.

Netflix, which was launched just last week, has limitations in the availabilty of its content. Specifically, Korean dramas is lacking unless you access Netflix with a VPN service tagged to South Korea.

On top of that, Viu's selection is pretty current. Again, Running Man is a good example, with the latest episode available within eight hours from its debut. On top of that, the selection is also quite extensive, with shows such as Six Flying Dragons, The Greatest Lover and many more.

The most important point that we almost forgot to mention - it's loaded with both Chinese and English subtitles. The latter is a godsend for viewers who prefer to speed read through the subtitles instead of playing "guess that Chinese word" game and miss the dramatic scenes.

PCCW also mentioned that it's currently in discussion to offer Viu together with Singtel, though details of this partnership hasn't been revealed yet.