Warning! If you're an Android user in Singapore, don't open the link in that SMS

Click it and you risk installing a malware that's being circulated through the Singapore networks via SMS
Android users in Singapore, don't open the link in that SMS

It’s a bad day to be an Android user in Singapore. Especially if you’ve received a dubious SMS asking if this is your photo.

Since last night, a message has been circulating amongst users, which is embedded with a link that leads to a malicious app. The said link will download the  Android Application Package (APK) for an app named PhotoViewer, and cause untold horrors upon your Android phone.

Unfortunately, like the plague, it spreads. Once the APK is installed, the malware catches onto your contact list and starts forwarding the said SMS to everyone.

Android users in Singapore, don't open the link in that SMS

If you’re doubting the authenticity of this threat, these are good indicators that it’s a true story. One, the Singapore computer Emergency Response Team (SingCert) has since issued an advisory about the potential threat. The three telcos (M1, SingTel, StarHub) have also warned their users of this malware via their Facebook pages. StarHub has even gone so far as to block access to the web link on their networks.

If anything, this incident has an important lesson - Android users need to be on their guard against malware. And there’s a whole lot of them, so downloading and installing anti-malware apps such as Norton Security and Antivirus is definitely a good idea.

On the bright side, if you’re an iOS user, you’re safe from this malware.

Stop sniggering, because there are other threats out there targeting iOS. Remember this golden rule: trust no apps unless it’s from the official app stores.

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