Want to know what tech’s changing the industry? Then attend Spikes Asia TechTalk

Get up to date with the future for tech
Want to know what tech’s changing the industry? Then attend Spikes Asia TechTalk

Technology’s transitioned from just being a screen we stare at to something that’s become so ingrained into our daily lives. And at Spikes Asia's TechTalk, you’ll get to learn more about the tools that are reshaping our tech landscape.

And we’re taking the liberty to give you a sneak peek from the sessions you’ll want to hear from.

The future of wearable tech

Stuff’s very own Will Findlater, along with e27’s Surender Dhaleta and Stream Media’s Chua Zi Yong, will be focusing on the next generation of hardware. If you’re thinking message notifications and remote controls, you’re living in the past. They’ll speak about wearables that go beyond sitting on our wrists to becoming ones that are intelligent and fashionable.

Innovation in a connected age

It’s no secret that smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices are changing the way people communicate and connect with each other. Tencent Online Media’s Sophia Ong will examine these trends, as well as put the spotlight on how brands are interacting with their users these days.

E-commerce gets infused into gaming

Ever imagined a day where you’ll be able to immediately purchase something that tickles your fancy while you watch a TV show? You won’t have to dream too long – thanks to technologies like the Xbox One, that vision will be reality soon. Microsoft’s Adam Anger and Omnicom Media’s Guy Hearn talk about just that at TechTalk.

Technology driven creativity is the way forward

The people over at Proximity Asia believe that technology plays a huge part in creativity, and that’s just what they’re going to speak about at TechTalk. Oh, and did we mention there’s going to be a live demo of the Oculus Rift DK2? If you’re lucky, you just might get the chance to experience a special demonstration on the device. 

What are the next creative technologies?

The people from SapientNitro are going to look into a crystal ball and examine three possible post-digital futures from the perspective of three people – an Asian researcher using electricity to synthesise sensory experiences, an ex-computer engineer from the US programming cells, and a scientist from a remote city researching wet biology. We reckon this session is sure to challenge you. 

Will programmatic advertising kill the salesman?

Programmatic advertising is the way forward and it’s something marketers and publishers should embrace, according to the industry. Do you feel video and linear TV are shaping it? Join Adap.TV’s Alex Khan in this session to debunk the mysteries surrounding it before you take a stand.

Solving the cross-device problem

Fact – a study by Atlas insights found that 74 per cent of anonymised Facebook users have multiple cookies that lead to an overstatement of reach. If you haven’t gotten it already, we’re talking about cross-device problems that lead to multiple cookies. Stay tuned – Atlas’ Jon Stift and Innovid’s Jono Burke are due to elaborate more on this at TechTalk.