Vote for the SG50 National Day Google Doodle

It’s a digital democracy. You have the power to decide on what goes onto the Google homepage, come 9 August

We live in digitally democratic times, and for Singapore’s Jubilee year, you’ll get to vote on the Google Doodle that will be on millions of screens across Singapore.

Google has started a Doodle 4 Google competition so that people can send their most creative Google doodles based on the theme “Singapore: The Next 50 Years”. And not just anyone, participants are students from the age of 4-18, since they form the future generation.

You can look through the gallery of submissions to envision the sort of future that these young minds have dreamt up for Singapore. But we’ve made it a little easier for you by showcasing our top tech-inspired picks from the five different age groups.

4-6 year old category

Fly to the Moon

“The concept of his picture came about was that Singapore is moving towards a higher technology society. In future, technology can be so well advanced that all human beings can take a rocket from their to the moon for holiday visit.”

By Aden Wu Wei Peng, PCF Parkletote Preschool - Punggol

7-9 year old category

Next 50, our first world Singapore

"Singapore will be powered by solar energy in the next fifty years. There will be no more pollution in the city and we can protect the environment. We will have continuous energy source. One significant change in Singapore is our transport vehicle. Having extendable rocket train will increase capacity of one ride and allow less waiting time. The trains will travel in modern tunnels. Both the trains and tunnels will run on solar energy. We will have no jam on roads. Everyone will be happy."

By Moh Journ Haydn, Beacon Primary School

10-12 year old category

Google City

"For next 50 years. We not only can stay on land. With Google technology, Singapore can build a city undersea. For people who love sun can stay on land. For people who love sea can stay undersea."

By Lee Jia Ling, Naval Base Primary School

13-15 year old category

Future CityScape of Singapore

"This doodle portrays my vision of the future Singapore as a scifi city. I visioned this way because i'm aware that Singapore has been developing successfully the past 50 years, hence being the unexceptional and limitless Singapore, I believe that she will develop further in the next 50 years." 

By Reiko Lee, Tanglin Secondary School