Virtual reality will soon be used to teach students and train doctors in Singapore

Where was this tech when we were in school?

The real-world applications for VR have begun.

In a possible bid to keep students from falling asleep in class, the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) has made the digitally savvy decision to introduce VR technology into the upper primary school curriculum sometime next year.

Cool things students will soon be able to do during social studies lessons include “visiting” historical sites in Singapore without leaving their desks, as teachers use tablets to guide them through the experience and highlight teaching points. While it won’t quite be like playing games on the PSVR, it sure beats poring over a textbook if you ask us.

The classroom won’t be the only place with VR — IMDA also plans to incorporate the technology into hospitals as a training tool for medical students and junior doctors. Instead of practicing on dummies, aspiring surgeons will be able to use virtual scalpels to suture wounds on virtual bodies in a controlled, realistic and risk-free environment.

If everything goes well, maybe we can start having VR offices so we can all work from home?

[Source: Today]