UPDATED: Xiaomi confirms that the device launching tomorrow isn't the Mi5

Despite image leaks of the Mi5, Xiaomi says it's NOT5
UPDATED: Xiaomi confirms that the device launching tomorrow isn't the Mi5

UPDATED 14/01/15, 3.00pm: Xiaomi took to its Facebook page (literally just a few minutes ago) to reveal that the device you're anticipating to launch tomorrow is [drumroll] NOT the Xiaomi Mi5. 

"NOT5: Sorry to burst the bubble. It's not Mi 5," was sprawled across one of its posts, in addition to mentioning that it will be a flagship device.
We're just as shocked as you are but it's back to the drawing board to figure out what Xiaomi has in store for us. 

Here's the story we had earlier: 


Here’s a heads up for you (if you don’t know it already) – Xiaomi’s launching a new device tomorrow and it's rumoured to be thinner, bigger, and curvier than the Chinese company’s other mobile phones.

Thanks to a teaser video posted by the company on its Facebook page, which provides a bunch of hints about the upcoming flagship, we’re able to speculate these characteristics from missing adjectives in the sentences shown in the clip.

So going by those features, we’re guessing that it’s going to be the Xiaomi Mi5 that will be shown off tomorrow. Well, it’s not just those hints that make us believe so – a bunch of images of the purported device released on Weibo direct our attention to the Mi5 too.

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Leaks, leaks, and more leaks

The chances of Xiaomi launching the Mi5 tomorrow is very high

The images not only give us a sneak peek at how the device will look, it also spills the beans of some of the unit’s specs since it was shown running the AnTuTu 4 benchmark. The images show that the smartphone will run Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 instead of the previously rumored Snapdragon 805 or 810 and will house 2GB of RAM instead of 3GB.

In addition, it received an AnTuTu score of 46,866 despite its “average” chipset, putting it above the HTC One (E8), which scored 46,857 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, coming in at 46,824. But no other information of its display or camera parameters was specified.

Past leaks have suggested that the device will boast a slight 2.5d curve to its 5.5in to 5.7in display, practically no side bezels, and a 5.1mm slim frame. Exciting, eh? Calm your nerves; we’re about 24 hours away from the truth.

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